Teachers Testimonials

“I’ve used the Beamz Music System with students that range from kindergarten to fifth grade, both with and without disabilities. Whether using it as a center in my classroom, to help kids with ADHD take a break during their academic day, or to help kids with autism get the sensory input they need, the Beamz delivers an exciting approach to learning while building self-esteem and independence. It would be so beneficial for my students to be able to take this experience into their homes to enjoy with the whole family.”

Anne Fishburne, Resource Specialist, Cajon Valley Unified School District, San Diego County, CA
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I work with students, both disabled and non-disabled, from three years old up to fifth grade. My students love the BEAMZ! The immediate feedback they receive when using this phenomenal instrument makes it very effective for positive behavior support. We have used the BEAMZ as a reward in social skills training and speech therapy. Our hearing-impaired students have even used it for sound recognition with the individual instruments produced in the music tracks and the animal noises produced in the “Old McDonald’s Farm” track. Familiar songs come to life with the BEAMZ and new songs and instruments make learning fun! The BEAMZ has been an effective tool whether the activity is goal oriented or we are just having fun.” 

Colleen Presley M.Ed., LPC, NCC School Counsellor, Lamar Elementary School
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“Over 20 minutes, we showed her lots of different positions. Then within a moment we noticed her mother’s face light up as the young girl reached for the Beamz with her left hand. This was the first time her mother had ever seen her reach out for anything with her left hand!”

Katrina Davenport, Hearing Specialist, Nebo School District
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“I have a student with autism, and he is using it for break times when he is in sensory overload mode or needs an outlet, He uses it about twice a day for about 15 minutes each time. He is more freely able to talk about what is bothering him after he’s had time with Beamz, I love the fact that the students have easy access to it, and it is simple to understand,”

Special Needs Teacher

“Students ranging in age from 4-12, needs ranging from autism to intellectual disabilities to ADHD to emotional disabilities, one of the great benefits is the engagement and language I am able to get from my students, the creativity and problem solving skills I have been able to elicit from my students, We also use the Beamz as reinforcement, for language development during speech and language therapy, I am so grateful that I have been afforded this opportunity to utilize Beamz. What an amazing opportunity!”

Special Needs Teacher

I am writing to you on behalf of the Share Your Blessings, Inc and its marvellous Project Maestro Program. Our non-profit, Guitars and Ukes in the Classroom, was introduced the Beamz by Jefferson Starship guitarist, Craig Chaquico several years ago. Since that time, we’ve been blessed to work with Charlie and his team to train special educators how to set up, play and teach children with special needs to make music and communicate their thoughts and feelings through the magic and science of the Beamz Interactive Music System This is now an integral part of our AMAISE conferences- Adaptive Music for Inclusion and Special Education.

Students who are nonverbal can gradually learn to sing and from there, many begin to speak. But before this is even possible, they can make music by manipulating the light beams of the instrument to change sounds in ways that engage them on every level. Students with limited motoric ability can play, too. The impact in our special education classrooms has been absolutely profound. This instrument has evoked wonder, joy and surprise as students have found meaningful ways to engage with the music and with their classmates. The social-emotional value of the donated Beamz units is indisputable.

We have also seen students respond positively to the lesson plans and the wide range of song choices the Beamz Team put together. Sustaining student attention in special education can be hard, but not where the Beamz is concerned. When kids can all play no matter what abilities they bring to the experience, a sense of belonging, individual and group accomplishment is possible.

To date, Share Your Blessing has generously funded 61 units to Guitars in the Classroom teachers from coast to coast. We encourage, indeed urge everyone to support Share Your Blessings, Inc. to help make a profound difference for students and individuals with special needs who have long been excluded from music making. Everyone deserves this chance and we are very thankful for the Project Maestro program!


“The ‘Beamz’ equipment has brought new excitement and interest into our music lessons…The units work beautifully alongside our existing equipment to provide quality musical learning experiences.”

-Paul Boucher, Music Co-ordinator & Classtecaher, Westover Green Community School
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