Project Maestro Program

PROJECT MAESTRO is a collaborative music gifting program designed to get Beamz into the hands of individuals, families, professionals, and organizations that have members with special needs, and to support those individuals and organizations with a variety of training, education, and therapeutic lesson plans and activities.

The Power of Music

Share Your Blessings believes that music is a powerful means to help people of all ages and abilities to unlock a variety of educational, social and therapeutic benefits while having fun. The benefits of just listening to music are well known for stress relief, brain fitness, invoking memories, improving communication and participation in socialization activities given that the brain processes music using both hemispheres. Beyond listening to music, however, interacting with music via movement and engaging in activity making and/or performing music provides even greater extraordinary benefits for increased brain activity, enabling even more opportunities for wellness, skill building, skill maintenance and improved quality of life. Link to ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST OVERVIEW  Link to RESEARCH & BENEFITS

Beamz Music System

With its recreational music-making orientation and universal design, the Beamz Interactive Music System (“Beamz”) enables people of all ages and abilities to enjoy the fun of music making – while simultaneously enriching their learning, therapy, and fun experiences with interactive music. Beamz also creates inclusive opportunities for families, different generations, and people of varying abilities to play together, expanding their relationships and capabilities of children and adults with a wide range of disabilities and special needs, such as down syndrome, autism, muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, spinal cord injuries, visual impairment, intellectual impairment, physical impairment, and much more. In addition, Beamz can be used in very specific ways to target skill development or extend physical and cognitive therapies at home, in schools, and in various organizational settings. Beamz is totally accessible, meaning its compatible if your family member requires the use of a switch, adapted keyboard, touch surface, an eye gaze or other access method. The Project Maestro program donates the Beamz Home Edition and/or Beamz Professional Edition, depending on the needs of the recipient, to qualifying individuals, families, schools, and/or organizations.

Project Maestro In Action
2018 Down Syndrome Congress

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Donation Recipients

Project Maestro has provided numerous eligible individuals and organizations with the above described Beamz Interactive Music System, along with a variety of related therapy, education, recreation, and support programs that utilizes music and play to engage individuals with special needs. Since inception, this includes donating over 1,000 Beamz Systems (reaching many thousands of individuals with a variety of special needs) to families and organizations that are struggling with the substantial cost associated with various disabilities – helping these affected individuals learn and grow with their physical, cognitive, communicative, sensory and social/emotional skills. Recipients includes the following major categories:


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How can I participate?


Financial contributions of any amount are appreciated and welcome for Share Your Blessings to further the reach and impact of Project Maestro.

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Become a Partner

Project Maestro is a collaborative gifting program for Share Your Blessings and Beamz to provide support to individuals and families served by a non-profit partner organization.

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Help us accomplish our mission through the support of your time and passion.

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Apply For Donation

Share Your Blessings is currently accepting donation request applications  from families residing in the United States for the Beamz Home Edition music system.

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