Management & Organization

Share Your Blessing’s current management team and board of directors is shown below. In addition, this internal organization will be complimented by numerous volunteers and advisors as well as support from Beamz Interactive and in the future additional nonprofit program partner organizations. SYB is currently seeking additional board members, advisors, and volunteers. None of these individuals receive any compensation from SYB.

Board & Management

Janice L. Mollo: Founding Donor, Chairman, CEO and Board Member
Janice L. Mollo is the Chairman and CEO of Share Your Blessings and is responsible for the overall vision & strategy of the organization, as well as financial management. She is passionate about helping children and individuals with special needs and disabilities. Ms. Mollo began her career in the early 1980’s as a certified public accountant, initially with KPMG and then with  Public Service Company of New Mexico. During this time she also served as a board member for Career Services for the Handicapped. Subsequently Ms. Mollo was a director of Corporate Development of Alliance Telecommunications Corporation, a wireless telecommunications company based in Dallas, Texas. In the early 90s she worked as a business development for a cellular accessory business unit in Europe with a major US Corporation. She also served as Chief Financial officer of Foothills School, Inc., a nonprofit organization that managed two elementary schools and 15 child care centers that served over 2,000 children in New Mexico, where she was actively involved in the operations of Foothills School. From its formation in May 1995 through 1999. Ms. Mollo was a Vice President of Mobility Electronics, a consumer electronics company. Concurrently, from 1986 to present Ms. Mollo has been a Vice President and Board Member of New Vistas Investment Corporation, an investment company with a range of child care real estate and other investment activities, where she is responsible for financial management.

Charles R. Mollo: Founding Donor, President, Board Member
Charles R. Mollo is President and manages all the day to day operations of the Share Your Blessings, including partnerships, fund raising, grants, and implementation of various strategic initiatives. Mr. Mollo is a seasoned business leader with expertise in a broad number of areas including wireless telecommunications, consumer electronics, non-profit child care, and in general, growing start-up organizations. Mr. Mollo is currently the CEO of Beamz Interactive. Prior to Beamz Interactive, Mr. Mollo was a co-founder and Chairman, President and CEO of iGo, Inc., a NASDAQ company that was focused on developing and marketing innovative products for the converging mobile electronics industry. Between 1986 and 1995 Mr. Mollo was President of Foothills School, Inc., a nonprofit organization that managed elementary schools and child development centers. He was actively involved in managing all aspects of Foothill’s School, including personnel, curriculum, programs and services. Mr. Mollo served as VP of Corporate Development for Alliance Telecommunications Corporation in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Mr. Mollo has an MBA from the University of New Mexico, a Master’s in Electrical Engineering from Newark College of Engineering, NJ Institute of Technology and a Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering from Manhattan College.

Gregory Shafer: Board Member, Treasurer
Gregory L. Shafer has over thirty years of experience in public accounting and in industry, holding positions in sales management and as a financial executive. Presently, Mr. Shafer owns and operates an accounting firm with 18 employees located in Colorado Springs. His firm conducts tax, accounting, and consulting services for individuals, businesses and non-profit organizations. Prior to this, he served as the Chief Financial Officer and Corporate Development Director at a mid-sized telecommunications and Internet company. Other positions include serving as a Tax Manager at Arthur Andersen & Company and as a Tax Manager and Partner with smaller CPA firms in New Mexico and California. Mr. Shafer was also a Sales Manager for a publishing company in Tennessee, where he established the top sales organization in the firm and achieved the company’s top personal sales record. In 1984, Gregory L. Shafer earned an MBA in Taxation and an MBA in Accounting, both from the University of New Mexico. He graduated with a BS in Chemistry in 1978 from New Mexico State University. He also holds accreditation in individual financial planning and performs these services for a number of individual clients.

Bill Stephens: Board Member, Volunteer
Bill Stephens has over 30 years’ experience as a Deputy Supervisor for Orange County where he was responsible for probation with children and young adults, and where he managed a variety of related services and issues with these individuals that balanced enforcement activities and supportive casework and individual development. He was also responsible for training deputies for a variety of juvenile health and welfare issues and services.

Ruth Anglin: Director of Administration
Ruth Anglin is the Director of Administration for Share Your Blessings, and manages all the accounting and administration functions of the organization. Ruth loves children and music, and is dedicated to helping individuals with special needs in any way she can. Since 1989, Ms. Anglin has also been the office day-to-day Manager for New Vistas Investment Corporation, an investment company that manages a range of child care real estate and other investments. This includes responsibilities for managing real estate tenants and operations, accounting, financial relations with various banks and institutions, office facilities and operations. In the late 1980’s, she was a bank supervisor in the secondary marketing area working directly with the Federal Home Loan Bank and Federal Home Loan Mortgage. Her interest in working with non-profits began in 1981 as an Executive Assistant with the Boy Scouts of America, in Dallas, Texas where she assisted in maintaining one of the largest sustaining membership programs in the U.S. As the Scout Show Coordinator, she was able to see first-hand the benefits of non-profits in the lives of children.

Sonia Marshall: Director, Programs & Services
Sonia brings a wealth of experience and capabilities to Share Your Blessings and is very passionate about individuals with special needs. On a personal level her son was born 1lb -6oz and diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Sonia refers to her son as her “miracle baby” and is active in finding resources for families and participating in CP support groups in her community. Sonia began her nonprofit career working as a Case Manager to reform and reintegrate individuals after incarceration. Sonia then took on Case Management and being a Program Manager at UMOM New Day Centers, managing a resource center for youth and a senior living facility. Sonia also has been contracted with the states DCS department as a Family Support Coordinator helping families navigate through the DCS system to regain or maintain custody of their children, while offering family support, resources and facilitating workshops and support groups.

Advisors & Volunteers

The following individuals provide advisory, networking, volunteer, and/or other support to SYB:

Tom Reidy: Volunteer
Tom was deployed to Iraq as an infantry soldier through 2007-2008. He was responsible for operating the heavy weaponry on top of Humvees and received the Army Commendation Medal. After his service, he moved to Arizona and started working with adults and teens with developmental disabilities at various nonprofits around the east valley. Tom also worked with adults with special needs in a day center, and as an instructor in their work center. Shortly after, Mr. Reidy was promoted to Community Based Job Coach and worked with adults with special needs to improve their jobs in the community (Frys Grocery, Harkins Theater, various schools, etc.). Tom then went on to be the Evening Program Director working with young adults on the Autism Spectrum who attended local colleges. He was responsible for helping the students with their school work, running evening operations, and he helped the students there become the first recognized Asperger Fraternity. Beginning in June 2015, he joined Beamz Interactive Inc., providing customer support for special education programs that utilized the Beamz Interactive music system (the “Beamz”) to assist children with a broad range of special needs. During this period, he also volunteered with Share Your Blessings Inc., primarily assisting with training and other implementation of the Beamz with various nonprofit organizations and therapists’ serving individuals with special needs. Beginning January 1, 2016, Tom joined the Share Your Blessings team.

William O. Hunt
William O. Hunt has a long, distinguished career as an entrepreneur and a business leader, and has led several major fund raising efforts, including raising millions of dollars for philanthropy. During his career Mr. Hunt was CEO of many companies, including Intellicall, Inc., Alliance Telecommunications Corporation, InterNet America Corporation and Communications Industries, Inc. Additionally Mr. Hunt has served on many boards of directors during his career, including Mobility Electronics (subsequently IGO Inc.), Internet America, Inc., Intellicall, Hogan Systems, Inc., Dr. Pepper Bottling Holdings, Inc., Optel, Inc., American Homestar Corporation, Plexsys Corporation, and Andrew Corporation. Mr. Hunt is currently retired but remains active in the community and has extensive networking, particularly in the Dallas Texas community.

Deanna Adams (Livingston, New Jersey)
Deanna Adams dedicated thirty-eight years of her professional life to educating young children. She taught all levels of ability, including gifted children and children with special needs, in both New York and New Jersey. Her experience includes teaching primary grades, basic skills, resource room, and the emotionally handicapped. For one year, she became the crisis intervention teacher for those students with severe emotional problems. Helping children with life skills and to read, learn, and improve their potential, regardless of their situation or special needs, became her source of fulfillment. Ms. Adams has a Master’s degree and the following certifications: elementary school teacher, grades K-8 teacher of emotionally handicapped, and standard teacher of students with disabilities.

Jane Stephens (Orange County, CA)
Jane Stephens has over 25 years’ experience with Social Services for Orange County, California, where she was responsible for child protective and adaptive services for children with special needs, children that suffered from child abuse and neglect, children that needed adoption help, and many related issues. Ms. Stephens has a BS in sociology and a masters in social services.

Peggy Cohen (Scottsdale, Arizona)
Peggy Cohen has been passionate about helping individuals with a wide range of special needs and disabilities for over 30 years. Since its founding in 1974, Peggy has been a board member of the nonprofit Blue Rose Foundation in Amherst, New York, an organization dedicated to increasing awareness, understanding and acceptance of those with developmental disabilities through special programs and a broad range of projects. Serving as Chairman for many years, she was actively involved in evaluating and providing numerous grants to help children and individuals with special needs and disabilities.